The Church at Methodist Central Hall Westminster is a culturally diverse fellowship.

Our mission is to be a vital Christian presence in the heart of London.

We offer hope and a welcome to all peoples by sharing God’s love and forgiveness.

We seek to make the love of Jesus known to our community and the world through our worship, preaching, prayer, healing, fellowship, service, evangelism and openness to the Holy Spirit.

For some years visitors to Methodist Central Hall have been able to purchase souvenirs and publications relating to the Hall.

Methodist Central Hall Visitor Services plans to expand its range of souvenirs and publications and to offer these to Internet visitors by mail order.

We are pleased to offer some publications written by members of Methodist Central Hall staff:

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Methodist Central Hall Westminster Guide Book - by Jarrold Publishing

2005 – 24 pages

£4 + £1 postage to UK addresses (For Overseas postage rates)

Recently published - essential reading for anyone planning a visit/tour of this historic building - beautifully illustrated

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'Let's Start at the Very Beginning', book by David Gloin

2004 – 50 pages

£4.75 + 75p postage to UK addresses (Overseas postage rates)

David is a Methodist Local Preacher and former Visitor Services Assistant at Methodist Central Hall.This booklet is an ideal gift for a teenager or an adult who has rejected Church, a sceptical friend, or as a basis for a study group with believers and searchers.It allows any Christian, ordained or not, a vehicle to engage with people who think faith of any sort is nonsense.It does this by going beyond other books on exploring matters of faith…it starts at the very beginning!

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'Like a Child', book by Tony and Frances Miles


Tony, who has joined the Central Hall Ministerial team, wrote this book with the help of his wife.

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  • Sunday 21 September 2014 | 11.00
    Sunday 11 am

    Revd Martin Turner

    'One of us???'
    Acts 9:19b-31

  • Sunday 21 September 2014 | 14.00
    Sunday 2pm

    Old Achimotans Association Service
    Preacher Revd Martin Turner

  • Sunday 21 September 2014 | 18.30
    Sunday 6.30pm

    Revd Gordon Newton
    'Dimensions to believing in God'
    Isaiah 40:12-17; Psalm 105:1-5; John 1:14-18

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