The Church at Methodist Central Hall Westminster is a culturally diverse fellowship.

Our mission is to be a vital Christian presence in the heart of London.

We offer hope and a welcome to all peoples by sharing God’s love and forgiveness.

We seek to make the love of Jesus known to our community and the world through our worship, preaching, prayer, healing, fellowship, service, evangelism and openness to the Holy Spirit.

We gather at Methodist Central Hall every Thursday evening at 7pm to worship, pray and learn together, so if you feel lost in the City, come and let us give you Sanctuary.

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  • Sunday 27 July 2014 | 11.00
    Sunday 11 am

    Revd Martin Turner
    'Unstoppable grace'
    Acts 4:23-37

  • Sunday 27 July 2014 | 18.30
    Sunday 6.30pm

    Revd Tony Miles

    'Here is knowledge enough for me'
    Isaiah 55:1-11; 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5

  • Sunday 03 August 2014 | 11.00
    Sunday 11 am

    Sister Denise Creed
    'Dis-ease or disease?
    Acts 5:1-16

  • Sunday 03 August 2014 | 18.30
    Sunday 6.30 pm

    Healing and Holy Communion
    Revd Peter Edwards
    'Don't stop at the motorway sign'
    Isaiah 55:1-5   John 6:22-35

Contact Us

The Church Office, The Methodist Church, Methodist Central Hall
Westminster, London SW1H 9NH
020 7654 3809
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