The Church at Methodist Central Hall Westminster is a culturally diverse fellowship.

Our mission is to be a vital Christian presence in the heart of London.

We offer hope and a welcome to all peoples by sharing God’s love and forgiveness.

We seek to make the love of Jesus known to our community and the world through our worship, preaching, prayer, healing, fellowship, service, evangelism and openness to the Holy Spirit.

Front Cover of Maybe Today Book by Tony Miles

The bookstall has a supply of Tony's new book "Maybe Today" - thoughts, prayers and smiles - Price £6.99.   If you want to discover that "holiness consists of doing the will of God with a smile" this colourful, often humourous collection of insights from a self-confessed "magpie" will delight and challenge you with a fresh positive approach to the Christian faith.

To celebrate this event, Tony's "Like a Child" book which contains 70 thoughts for busy grown-ups inspired by domestic events in the Miles household. has been reduced to £3.99

Further details from the Internet Shop

  • Sunday 26 October 2014 | 11.00
    Sunday 11am

    Revd Martin Turner
    'A good man'
    Acts 11:19-30

  • Sunday 26 October 2014 | 18.30
    Sunday 6.30pm

    Revd Tony Miles
    'Beware of sloppiness'
    Matthew 7:13-27; 2 Timothy 2:14-19

  • Sunday 02 November 2014 | 11.00
    Sunday 11 am

    Revd Tony Miles

    Acts 12:1-19

  • Sunday 02 November 2014 | 18.30
    Sunday 6.30pm

    Healing and Holy Communion
    Revd Peter Edwards
    'For all the saints'
    Revelation 7:9-17
    Revelation 21:1-6; 22:1-2
    Matthew 24:32-35

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