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I arrived at the Hall as the new Deacon in September 2014. My role includes pastoral care of the community (with emphasis on home and hospital visiting); co-ordinating the training for local preachers; organising the weekly Guild; leading our fortnightly bible study; monitoring membership figures; co-ordinating the night shelter volunteers; and both Catherine and I have responsibility for the safeguarding of the church. I have links with St. Vincent’s Family Project and Sanctuary and I assist with the leading of worship each Sunday.

I was previously a minister in Gateshead for 5 years before moving to London. This is the first time I have lived and worked in the capital and I love it!

Before I became a Methodist minister I worked as a civil servant for 24 years in various Jobcentres around the country.

I have been married to Paul for over 28 years and we are both from the West Midlands. We enjoy walking our dog – Jasper, going to the theatre – which London is ideal for, eating out – which London is also good for, and holidays – either in our caravan or travelling abroad.

I love listening to a variety of music, and enjoy playing guitar. I recently bought a harmonica and am teaching myself to play. I am an armchair supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers – which I am often teased about! When I want to relax I like nothing more than to ‘escape’ into a good film which should always be accompanied by a box of chocolates!

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MCHW is a welcoming family community! My son loves the youth program. My wife enjoys worshiping in the choir. Teaching is encouraging, challenging and profound. There is a growing men's fellowship, and it is great to catch up with friends and visitors over coffee after the service.

Marko JoensuuChurch Member

I was once spiritually somewhat exhausted but MCHW helped to reinvigorate my spiritual well being. I became church Steward in 2011 and two years later was invited to become Circuit Steward. What makes me proud to be part of MCHW is the great service and the love that resonate from the congregation.

Joseph AdjeiChurch Member

Methodist Central Hall is not just a beautiful building, it’s home. At The Sanctuary, our young adult fellowship, I’ve found a place of welcome, friendship, creativity and spiritual depth.

I love Sunday morning Holy Communion services; seeing our truly diverse church family come together in worship, with Christ at the centre."

Lisa BarrettSanctuary Leader
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