Jazz Vespers in London

Since October 2015, Methodist Central Hall Westminster has hosted a regular Jazz Vespers service, led by team member and saxophonist Dan Forshaw.

Inspired by other jazz ministries around the globe, most notably in St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in New York City, our aim is to create a creative, improvisatory space where all are welcome.  Revd Dr Martin Luther King Jnr visited our building before delivering a speech to the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival.  In his speech, Dr King said that ‘Jazz speaks for life, the Blues tells the story of life’s difficulties, and if you think for a moment, you will see how they take the harshest realities of life and put them into music, only to come out with some new sense of meaning or hope.’

Our Jazz Vespers in 2019 will take place on the following dates.

Sunday,  24th February 6pm in the Chapel

Sunday, 14th April 6pm in the Chapel

Sunday, 23rd June 6pm in the Chapel

Sunday, 18th August 6pm in the Chapel

Sunday, 13th October 6pm in the Chapel

Sunday, 15th December 6pm Jazz Carols in the Great Hall