New Westminster Sermons

New Westminster Sermons’ by Martyn Atkins.

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A book of selected sermons preached at Methodist Central Hall Westminster between 2015 and 2020 by Superintendent Methodist Minister, Revd Dr. Martyn Atkins. 

The book contains texts of 38 sermons relating to ‘Seasons of Discipleship and Other Occasions’ and ‘The Church Year,’ complete with a number of photo illustrations.

The book is dedicated ‘To all at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, with whom to spend the last five years of ministry as a Methodist presbyter in Britain was a blessing for which I am hugely grateful.’ Martyn was encouraged to compile the book in response to members urging him to do so. He leaves MCHW on 25 May 2020

Endorsements of ‘New Westminster Sermons’:

In this collection of sermons Martyn Atkins has managed to combine profound doctrine and missiology with ready accessibility for his readers.  The sermons contain many illustrations that readers will easily relate to, and which help us all discern how God is at work in our own lives. The sermon ‘Discipleship Methodist Style’ is a fine example of preached tradition, relevant scholarship and application, ably reminding Methodist Christians of the nature of discipleship of Christ. A fabulous read. 

Revd Loraine Mellor, President of the Methodist Conference 2017.

Martyn Atkins has a keen way of weaving together profound theology with ordinary life. Far from an aloof ivory tower academic, Martyn, a local church practitioner, brings the richness of the Christian faith into our everyday lives. These are messages from a good pastor to a great congregation in the heart of London that Martyn deeply loves and in whom he desires to see Christ formed. There is gold in these sermons to be mined by followers of Jesus.

Jorge Acevedo, Lead Pastor: Grace Church (Florida USA) A multi-site United Methodist congregation.

This book of sermons is exceptional. The warm style and clear reasoning in these vibrant messages brings refreshing insights to the great themes of Christianity. Martyn’s love for the people at Methodist Central Hall Westminster and theirs for him is evident in these pages, and his ministry amongst them as enriching as his sermons. Reading them, I have been brought to the feet of Jesus.

 Revd Steve Wild, President of the Methodist Conference 2015.

The Foreword, by Revd Dr Howard Mellor, reads:

Preaching is both spiritual gift and creative art – Martyn Atkins has both in spades! This selection of sermons reveals the skill and art of crafting ‘words about the Word’ to shape a message which goes to the heart of people’s experience. 

I first heard Martyn preach at Cliff College in 1995. I had invited him to lead bible studies at the Derwent Week Convention that year. The studies, on encounters with the risen Jesus, were illuminating, with effortless scholarship, full of insight, related to real life and tempered by humour. He always had a captivating angle on the bible passage with illustrations drawn from his wide scholarship, his life experience (which sadly includes supporting Leeds United Football Club), catering, ministry and family life. We get all that in these sermons.

These New Westminster Sermons are a gift which continue the Methodist legacy of Wesley and Sangster. Like the latter these were all preached to the congregation at the Methodist Central Hall Westminster. They cover key moments in the spiritual journey of people: finding faith, being baptised, confirmation and points of renewal. They identify significant dates in the Wesleyan calendar – the Covenant Service and Aldersgate Sunday – as well as seasons and festivals in the Church Year such as Advent, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. They become helpful guides for those of us preparing sermons as the seasons come around. Beware though, just preaching Atkins – make the ideas your own!

Whether you come to this collection as a person exploring faith or confident in faith, you will find in these sermons a challenge and signposts to a deepened faith. Preachers should read them once for themselves and then again to note how Martyn draws the reader, the hearer, into the subject, identifies the points with clarity and offers a challenge. There is always something to think about, to respond to, to engage with.

Mr Wesley directed his preachers to ‘Offer Christ’. This is exactly what Martyn achieves in this collection of sermons.

Revd Dr. G. Howard Mellor