Healing Conference 2019

Healing Conference 2019

A record number of well over 400 participants gathered at Methodist Central Hall Westminster (MCHW) for the 2019 Healing Conference, which had as its theme “Healing the Whole Person”.  Held in partnership with Premier Lifeline, whose prayer team shared in the ministry time, this was the final Healing Conference for Revd Peter Edwards as leader of the Healing Ministry at MCHW before he relinquishes the role in July of this year.

Methodist Central Hall Westminster has hosted an annual Healing Conference since around 2000. The speakers this year were more ‘in-house’, all being members of the Premier Lifeline and MCHW healing teams.  After the conference opened with worship led by Dave & Pat Bilbrough, Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, team leader and Superintendent Minister at MCHW led in prayer and the first speaker was the Revd Peter Edwards.  During his talk, he said, ‘We cannot be healed in compartments. Healing isn’t just about the physical, it’s about what we need to bring before God, to seek His wholeness.’ 

Jonathan Clark, Director of Premier Lifeline, drew attention to how important it was to realise that, ‘God wants to restore you, to give you a second chance, to cleanse, forgive and transform.’  Alison Bryan, who will take over from Revd Peter Edwards as the leader of the Healing Ministry at MCHW in September, spoke on ‘Healing… in spirit’ and said ‘At some point in your journey to healing you will need to take the step of forgiveness.’ At the healing service which concluded the day Ollie McEwen, staff member at MCHW and who chaired the day’s proceedings, gave a powerful and moving testimony of  the vision she had of Christ that inspired her coming to Christian faith and changed her life.

Revd. Dr. Martyn Atkins said, ‘It was clearly a blessed and helpful day for very many people, and we are delighted about that. Made so by lots of hard work, careful preparation, long experience and deep knowledge on the part of all the speakers, all of which was given over to the Holy Spirit for the purposes of Christian healing and renewal.’The next annual Healing Conference will take place on Saturday, 16th May 2020 at Methodist Central Hall Westminster.  More details will be released on the church website in the New Year

You can listen to all the talks here & view photos from the Healing Conference here.

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