Lenten Message from Revd Dr Martyn Atkins

Lenten Message from Revd Dr Martyn Atkins

The Holy Season of Lent is upon us; weeks leading to the cataclysmic days of Holy Week and Easter Sunday, which are the very essence of our Christian faith.

Lent is a time when many of us choose to give things up, as acts of self denial, and/or increasingly do something new, usually for others, as an offering to the Lord.

What I hope you will not give up doing is attending Church! I want to challenge us all to make a special resolve to attend worship and Lenten events over these next few weeks. I want us all to gather, prayerfully prepared to hear and learn from God again, through gathering together as Christian disciples in worship and study. I want us to be consciously open to God’s challenges to us, and God’s promise to transform our lives again.

I also want us to consider doing something new, and for others. I want to challenge you to seek to bring a friend or relative who might not normally attend worship or a Lent course to at least one event during Lent. And then invite them back to join us specifically on Easter Day.

May Lent be a time of deepening faith and delighted spirits for us all

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