Pause for Thought – ‘My Signature Song’

Pause for Thought – ‘My Signature Song’

I’ve mentioned before that, from the age of 17, I ran a mobile disco for many years and later became involved with radio. But what song does an Ex-DJ, with an eclectic music taste, choose? I’m not sure I’ve got just one signature tune!  Hmmm.

Disc jockeys and radio presenters help to link together music and other content; to try and get people dancing and help make a party swing; or to create a programme which builds a good relationship with listeners.  Well, there’s a sense that Church ministers can be like DJs for people’s lives as they play out.  I consider it a privilege when people invite me to share their experiences.  For them, I have a role at significant segues in life, like births, baptisms, confirmations, birthdays, weddings, times of crisis, and finally, funerals too.  Each person’s playlist is unique.   And it’s when there are pauses in life’s programme that I often find myself encouraging people to express their feelings; to communicate with each other and seize opportunities to tell their loved-ones how much they’re valued and appreciated.

‘Above all, love each other DEEPLY,’ said Saint Peter, ‘because love covers over a multitude of sins.’ I think this means TELLING people, as well as showing them! Yoko Ono once admitted, ‘The regret of my life is that I have not said “I love you” often enough.’

Revd Tony Miles

Listen to the full Pause for Thought via this link, (click here)

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