Pause for Thought – Everyone loses dignity

Pause for Thought – Everyone loses dignity

Dignity often involves preserving respect or pride, or keeping one’s composure.  Everyone loses dignity at some time or other.  I asked my wife if she could recall such a time.  As quick as a flash she said, ‘When I gave birth!’

Well, my undignified moments aren’t in the same league, but I’ve had pride denting experiences.

Like Gordon Brown, some involve radio microphones.  One was as the congregation were waiting quietly for the clergy to enter the church.  Behind the scenes, like naughty school boys, my colleague and I were enjoying a giggle at a joke: something to do with Monty Python’s ‘Ministry Of Silly Walks’!  Little did we know our radio mics were on.  So, when we processed in with sober faces, our dignity was lost somewhat.

The congregation smiled.  My wife just gave me one of THOSE looks.  How embarrassing.  I was just thankful one of us hadn’t visited the loo!

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