Statement on the Westminster Incident

Statement on the Westminster Incident

The Church family at Methodist Central Hall Westminster is acutely aware of the special place that Westminster has at the heart of the nation.

The values that Parliament seeks to uphold are those Methodists hold in prayer and have done since the opening of our building in 1912.  As a global Christian family, we particularly hold the families of those who lost loved ones during yesterday’s appalling attack and those injured by this attack of evil on our streets. Today, we are open and our Chapel is available for all those seeking to pray and reflect on the events of yesterday.

On Sunday, we will celebrate Mothering Sunday and mark the 4th Sunday in Lent as we journey towards Holy Week. In doing so, we mindful of the words of Jesus, that ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’

We wish to express our thanks for the messages concern, offers of support and heartfelt prayers that have been reaching us from all over the world.

Revd Tony Miles
Acting Superintendent

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